How To Keep Your Garage Cool From The Summer Heat

Posted on July 18th, 2017 by Richard Hill

Controlling the temperature in your garage can be a difficult task. They often feel like an oven in the summer, an igloo in the winter, and somewhere in between during the rest of the year. But as the middle of summer approaches, its time to make a change. Not only will these tips keep your garage cool this summer, but they will help you manage the temperature in your garage all year long. Insulate Your Garage Insulating the walls and ceilings of your garage is an efficient way to keep it cool in the summer and comfortable in the winter. […]

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Throwing a Fourth Of July Bash

Posted on June 20th, 2017 by Richard Hill

Fourth of July is the perfect long weekend to host a fun barbecue for all of your friends and family! However, the thought of hosting a Fourth of July bash may be a bit daunting; these tips and tricks will help to make sure that guests will be clamoring for your next party! From delicious food to festive decorations, you will be all set for your Fourth of July party as long as you follow these tips! Be Prepared Most parties can go off without a hitch as long as you are prepared beforehand. Being organized by knowing the general […]

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Declutter for Summer!

Posted on May 8th, 2017 by Richard Hill

Whether you have completed your spring cleaning routine or not, you likely have a large pile of clutter. This can be anything from old clothes to toys that your kids no longer use; no matter what, you do not want it in your house any longer! While some things may be obvious junk, there are going to be things that you will either want to donate, sell, or throw away. This is actually harder than one would think, and can be a somewhat arduous task if you have a significant amount of things. Sell In a perfect world, you would […]

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Protecting Your Outdoor Furniture

Posted on April 13th, 2017 by Richard Hill

For those that have full patio sets, you know that they do not come cheap. When you purchase wood furniture, it looks great, but there is additional upkeep involved. Since you invested in these pieces, you should take steps to protect the wood from the elements in order to ensure they last as long as they can. For non-wood furniture, just make sure to always bring in the seat pads if it is going to rain! Location It is important to consider both where you live, and where you will place the furniture. Where you live helps determine the general […]

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March To-Do List

Posted on March 16th, 2017 by Richard Hill

When it comes to outdoor chores, many of us would prefer to avoid them. However, after winter, it is important to do some outdoor chores to clean up and get ready for spring! The cold weather can actually do a lot of damage to your lawn, porch, etc., so you will want to repair this before starting on any other spring projects. Fortunately, this past winter in Chicago has been relatively mild, but there are still some outdoor chores to complete this March. Winter Damage From ice to wind, winter can wreak havoc on parts of your home. One simple […]

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