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Garage Plans BlueprintFor Absolute Garage Builders, every garage is a custom garage. As one of Chicago’s most experienced and versatile garage builders, Absolute Garage Builders has the know-how to make every garage unique and suited to meet each customer’s needs. Absolute Garage Builders starts planning your custom garage blueprints with one of five types of garage design plans, based on the roof type or the garage construction materials.

  • 2-Point roof garage design — the
    standard garage roof style. The triangular gable faces the road and is built to match the gables on the house.
  • Reverse gable roof garage design — one of the most common garage roof styles. The angle of
    the roofline slopes to the front and back of the garage. The gable ends face the sides.
  • 4-Point Roof — built for extra storage capacity and extra strength in windstorms. Several types are available.
  • I-joist garage construction — ideal for the homeowner with extra garage storage needs. The strength
    of the I-joist wood beams in the floor allows the structure to support the weight of additional storage space above.

Roof Type: 4-Point, 2-Point, Reverse 2-Point, I-Joist

Roof Type: 4-Point, 2-Point, Reverse 2-Point, I-Joist

Roof Pitch

So how do you figure out the Roof Pitch? Let’s look at the first photo. The 4 means that the roof rises4″ for every 12″ it runs.

Roof Pitch

Garage Sizes

From each of these garage designs, Absolute Garage Builders can create custom garage plans to meet your needs.

  • Any capacity. The sky’s the limit on the size of the garage. Whether the garage will hold only
    the family car and some lawn equipment or your entire classic car collection, Absolute Garage Builders can create a custom garage for you.
  • Any storage. If you can’t part with the family treasures but can’t store them in your house either, Absolute Garage Builders can create
    garage plans that safely tuck them away. If you have recreational vehicles that need to be stored off-season, Absolute Garage Builders
    can create a garage to keep your “toys” secure until they’re ready to be used again.
  • Any style. Absolute Garage Builders helps you select a garage
    design for a new building that will complement the appearance of your
    house or other existing structures. We can also expand an existing garage
    with matching materials and styles. Whether building new or enlarging,
    Absolute Garage Builders helps you choose the right building material and colors,
    select the most functional garage door and identify windows and pleasing
    exterior décor.

Garage Sizes

A Variety of Garage Styles in Chicagoland, Illinois

There are many styles from which to choose, and we can make sure you pick one that will provide exactly what you need. Whether you’re looking at 1 car garage plans or you need 2 door garage door plans, we can help you browse through the options and make the most informed decision. We help Chicago, Illinois, home and business owners find a functional, beautiful garage that best suits your needs.


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